Welcome to Airbnb’s Public Policy Blog.

My name’s David, and I’m Airbnb’s Head of Global Public Policy.  

I recently joined the Airbnb team because I was inspired by the amazing experiences the members of our growing community are creating for each other every day.

The connections happening on Airbnb empower people around the world to achieve a richer quality of life. Half of the hosts we’ve surveyed say they depend on the extra income gained from Airbnb to pay their rent or mortgage.  Our guests bring economic and social activity to underserved neighborhoods, and the data tells us that cities benefit enormously from what our guests bring.

We also understand that we have a responsibility to keep our community informed about what Airbnb is doing in cities and neighborhoods around the world.  So on these pages, we will try to keep you informed about important public policy debates surrounding what we do. We will also ask for your local knowledge, advice, and suggestions as we work together to clarify or improve laws around the world that sometimes make it more difficult for our users to provide great local experiences to travelers.

Along the way, we will also ask for your patience and understanding as well. I know we haven’t satisfied everyone’s desire for information in the past, and we will inevitably be unable to please everyone in the future. We sometimes just won’t be able to comment publicly regarding ongoing regulatory discussions or changing laws, and I am sorry about that. 

I am hopeful, though, that with this blog and your participation, you will at least know much more about our current work and what we are doing every day to advocate on your behalf.  And as we keep you updated, we’d also appreciate your feedback and suggestions so that we can always strive to do better. 

After all, your success is our success.


  1. I feel it is a great tool to help decisions as a group that is to be listened to or about. It may also help in some of the unfortunate pit falls we may have fallen into. I think as well it brings insight to us from other Countries, States, Counties. As we can read it isn’t just our little communities, States, Countries, it is the worlds information that gets shared. It show’s the whole battlefield that is taking shape as little people all over the world are with Airbnb. As we all learn, share, to see what is truly happening in the World forum of Power of International Corporate companies who do not want little people to make a bit of money to crawl up any type of ladder prosperity. This is just my feelings of what is going on in the World of Social Economic Change. It can be frightening to the Cooperate world who is used to not having people make freedom of choices on there living conditions. Thus taking the pennies, which can add up to dollars to big bucks. I just have to say. Thank you Airbnb for bringing me this far along with a bit of add income. Another real big value is not just all the money. I can’t even begin to state the mental gain of self pride in which my outstanding guests have given to me.
    Smiles, Grins, Gains,

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