The Airbnb community making a lasting impact on San Francisco

This past week, Airbnb employees from around the world gathered in our San Francisco office. As a small gesture of gratitude to the city—our gracious host and our home—we wanted to lend a hand and leave a lasting impact.

On Saturday, Airbnb employees from around the world partnered with local Airbnb hosts, guests, and travelers to complete a dozen service projects around the city. We had over 700 people sign up to give back to the local schools, parks, and non-profit organizations that contribute so much to the city and the community every day.

At Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing, volunteers worked to repair hallways that were damaged by a flood. Their work will help DISH continue to provide high-quality housing to San Franciscans who suffer from serious health issues.

Airbnb San Francisco volunteering

Airbnb San Francisco volunteering

Other volunteers helped out at Mission High School where they repainted classrooms that teachers described as “desperately in need.” They also worked on a new farm at the school by building composts bins and storage and raising garden beds.

 Airbnb San Francisco volunteering Airbnb San Francisco volunteering Airbnb San Francisco volunteering

At Bryant Elementary School, volunteers helped get the school ready for spring by painting the kitchen and the school’s stage. Volunteers also worked in the garden planting low-water plants and repairing garden boxes.

 Airbnb San Francisco volunteering Airbnb San Francisco volunteering
And at Oakes Children’s Center, volunteers helped with surface cleaning and painting throughout the building.

Airbnb San Francisco volunteering Airbnb San Francisco volunteering

At Airbnb, we’re encouraging every Airbnb team member to serve his or her local communities throughout the year and ensure that this day of service will not be a one-time thing. Going forward, employees will be given paid time off to volunteer, and every department at Airbnb will participate in their own service day. In San Francisco, we’ll also be regularly opening our office to community organizations on nights and weekends and expanding our commitment to community organizations like ECS’ Sanctuary Shelter, where team members currently serve dinner every other week.

These modest steps are just the start for Airbnb and our community of hosts and guests. We look forward to continuing to work with our friends and neighbors in San Francisco and all around the world.

Airbnb San Francisco volunteering Airbnb San Francisco volunteering

We also thank Hands on Bay Area for their support in putting Saturday’s projects together. Hands on Bay Area partners with both companies and individuals and their members gain access to dozens of events that support schools, parks and nonprofits like these across the Bay Area.

Together, we can do so much for the city we are all proud to call home.

[Images from DISH and Mission High School by Justin Kaneps]


  1. Crazy as I may seam sometimes. I want to say thank you Airbnb again. For making my day a little bit more different. Airbnb, you have everyday sense you let me board the Flag Ship Of Travel changed my life, my day’s, my nights, as well as my out look on life….What a crew to meet and greet and be part of a very large international group of suite case carriers. Saying Hello lets travel and see what going on out there? How can Airbnb make life a bit better? Just watch? or be part of? I enjoy being part of.
    Warmest Regards, Smiles, Grins,

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